Benefits of Membership

The Basel II Institute is committed to providing opportunities to assist members achieve a more competitive edge in today’s compliance environment. We offer a range of benefits and services.

  • Support you want
  • Training you need
  • Communication you expect

Support you want

Trust in the reliability of Basel II Institute to provide you with a credible source of knowledge. The authoritative voice of the Institute gives members confidence that the information they have is accurate, reliable and up to date.

  • Legislative information and updates
  • Specialist forums

Training you need

Quick, easy and affordable training!

Whether undertaking courses for your CPE or trying something new, Basel II Institute continually makes sure that the endorsed course material that is delivered by authentic training centers is fit for purpose.

  • Continuing Professional Development (CPE) courses
  • Certificate courses
  • Personalised advice on your CPE needs
  • Discounted course fees from authorised Training centers for members
  • Special interest seminars and forums

Communication you expect

Get the right information when you need it. Members stay on top of the latest industry developments with current and regular communication on market, regulatory and practical issues. Enhance your experience with vital information on your industry from a respected source.

  • Regular HTML newsletters
  • Research information
  • Media releases
  • Website updated regularly

Fees (2009)

Initial joining fee: US$ 150.00

Annual renewal fee: US$ 100.00

To take advantage of Benefits listed below and many more, become a member and follow the links on the Members Content page.

  • Support you want
  • Training you need
  • Communication you expect