General Exam Information


ALL Examinations – You will have two hours to answer 80 questions. Please note that you can skip forward and return to skipped questions later.

Each one of the multiple-choice questions consists of:

  1. A stem, which poses a problem or presents an incomplete sentence
  2. The correct answer or the most correct answer.
  3. Three other answers which are wrong, or simply are not the best answers in the list.

NB: Your task is to identify the best answer in the list. You are not looking for a correct one. You are not looking for one which must be true all of the time. You are looking for the most correct answer.

The recommended approach is the elimination method: Eliminate the clearly incorrect alternatives and then select the best answer.

Another good approach is to read the stem, derive the answer in your mind, and then try to find the answer within the available alternatives.

Read the questions carefully. Avoid jumping to conclusions about what you think the question asks.

You must score more higher than 70%. You pass the exam if you find the correct answer to 56 questions or more.

The term “validity” refers to the relevance and appropriateness of test content, and consequently, how accurately inferences can be made from test scores. B3 Institute goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure content validity in its examinations. In developing and scoring the B3 Institute examinations, B3 Institute and its professional testing adhere to professional standards and guidelines required in the testing industry.The Examinations are randomised so no two people will take the exact same exam. The passing standard (cut score) for each examination was determined using the appropriate methodology B3 Institute are highly confident that the validity of content, the reliability of the test instruments, and the measurement processes employed to analyze, score and establish reporting scales are of the highest caliber.

The examinaition is based online. Although it is possible to take a written version of the exam through one of our Testing and Training centres.

  • All the examination’s are open book exams.
  • All exams are written in the English language (unconditionally)

Online Examination – Once your registrations have been processed, you have an allowance of 6 weeks to sit the actual examination. As the examination is available online, it is possible to appear/take the examination anywhere in the world and at a time that is convienient for the canditate.

It is reccommended that the Examinaition should only be taken after appropriate knowledge has been learnt, either by self learning or by attending relevant training courses.

Written Examination – The wirtten exam will be run according to the individual Training and Testing Centre’s requirements. Times and Dates will apply. Please note there will be no lunch break during the testing period. However, you are permitted to bring a snack with you. You may, at your option, take a break and eat your snack at the back of the examination room. No additional time will be allotted for breaks.

Examination Protocol. While the site climate is controlled to the extent possible, be prepared for either warm or cool temperatures at the testing center. Cellular phones and beepers are prohibited in the testing area.

Examination Results – As the examination is based online, the canditates results will be issued to the canditate through the click of a button once it has been completed.

Certificates will be posted/sent to successful canditates within 4 weeks of completing the exam.

PC Requirments for Online Testing – You will need to follow the instructions to install VanGuard from the website as it ensures that the test is given in a secured environment. Please ensure that you have closed all applications prior to giving the examination as VanGuard will lock your computer down during the examination.

The following is the recommended configuration for taking the examination:

Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP

  • MAC – For 10X: 10.2-10.4 (Power PC and Intel Processor)
  • Linux – Linux i686, Redhat 4, Centos 4, and Fedora Core 5
  • 32 MB memory recommended for Windows 98; 64 MB recommended for Windows 2000; 128MB Windows XP
  • Pentium Processor (or higher)
  • Internet Explorer 6.0+

For credential-specific examinations, please see individual Certifications.

Pricing information for all B3 Institute examinations may be found at the bottom of the course outlines.