Frequently Asked Questions

The Institutes’ mission is to promote industry professionalism and best practices by developing and administering certification programmes in an objective and reliable manner that brings value to the industry. The Institute is an independent non profit organisation.

Basel III Certification Institute offers the following certification:

  • Certified Basel iii Professional (CBP)
  • Certified Basel iii Auditor (CBA)
  • Certified Basel iii Expert (CBX)

Not directly. Basel III Certification Institute works with training and testing centres worldwide that do offer training.

Basel III Certification Institute offers certifications to professionals who want to measure their Basel iii knowledge against the industry accepted standards. This will prove that they have the necessary knowledge to support Basel II compliance.

Numerous educational institutions and training companies will be providing the Basel III Certification Institute programme. Please contact your nearest regional representative for a list of educational institutions in your area.

We work hard to insure that our certification covers both the spirit and the letter of the Basel III accord.

The exam can be taken at any time and place in the world, due to it being online. The exam is also available at any one of the training and testing centres listed on this site.

The Basel III Certification Institute certification exams have been developed to the highest professional standards. The principles and processes employed by Basel III Certification Institute conform to the Standards for Education and Psychological Testing. And all the questions on the certification exams have been reviewed and approved by a group of subject experts on behalf of the Institute.

Basel III Certification Institute Training Host is your link to the institute’s training and education partners who are offering training and/or testing.

Basel III Certification Institute does not sell or provide member information to any third party.

Basel III Certification Institute does not offer refunds on material / course packages /examinations which have been accessed or used.