Chairperson’s Message

I am pleased to take-on the mantle of Chairperson for 2011 and with great pleasure I hereby outline the institutes plan and priorities for the coming year.

Compliance and its cost has been the subject of considerable debate in Europe and the United states over the recent years. The main constant in this debate has been the issue of how best to meet these legal requirements and get a return on the cost of the investment.

Another persistent fact is that practitioners in this field must have a good understanding of the subject and their understand must be measurable to an acceptable international standard.

The measure of knowledge on any specialised subject is accepted as the norm. The Certified Basel iii Professional (CBP), the Certified Basel iii Auditor (CBA) and the Certified Basel iii Expert (CBX); certifications championed by the institute, are accepted as some most reknown certifications world-wide.

The Institute welcomes and continues to explore new approaches to collaboration.

We are keen for members and non-members to raise issues and further more we encourage open debate; we believe that this will contribute to better decision-making process and ultimately to healthy institute. Wheather your contribution comes from inside the Board room, conversations at conferences or any other source, we are confident that leading Practioners would like to hear them.

We envisage a heavy workload in the coming year. Please look for our eminent release of white-papers covering the following topics:

  • Report on Compliance Certification trends
  • The Board’s Role in Compliance
  • Outside the Box Compliance Initiatives
  • What Every Compliance Officer Needs
  • Raising the Stakes: Basel iii Compliance
  • Looking Beyond the Hotline: – Making Compliance pay
  • Do You Know Where Your Quality data is? Become Basel iii Certified
  • Where will Compliance end?

The impact of globalization is proving to be increasing challenging, as requirements to implement variations of the same legislation in different jurisdiction. This trend is set to continue. This is one of the factors that necessitates the need to measure knowledge of the subject, and is documented by formal certification.

Finally, on behalf of the members of the Basel iii Cortication Institute I would like to wish everyone an enjoyable and prosperous year. We will continue to bring you the latest and important information within Basel iii.