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Welcome to the Basel III Certification Institute

We are the first choice organisation for all Basel III Practitioners Certifications. The Basel iii Certification Institute is an Internationally respected and recognized third-party certification authority. The Institute is a non profit organisation.

The Institutes mission is to promote industry professionalism and best practices by developing and administering certification programs for practitioners in an objective and reliable manner that brings value to the industry.

Our certifications are designed to provide professionals within the compliance industry with a formal process that will:

  • Convey the level of your knowledge of Basel iii Accord.
  • Allow individuals to be recognized by their colleagues and peers for having demonstrated exemplary professional practice and integrity in the field
  • Establish and maintain high standards of both professional practice and ethical conduct
  • Encourage aspiring professionals to work towards certification for the purpose of professional development and advancement

To gain the Basel III Qualification, knowledge on the Basel iii Accord can be obtianed either by self teaching or by attending a Basel iii Training Course.


Funding squeeze hastens take-off of non-bank lending in Middle East

Times of India - 21 hours ago
Also constrained by new standards such as Basel III. * New bankruptcy rules force more recognition of bad loans. * Non-bank lenders can protect themselves with equity option. * Some offer much...

Volcker changes might have little impact with Basel III still around

Pensions & Investments - 1 day ago
Rolling back some elements of the Volcker rule that target fixed-income markets might make headlines, sources said, but liquidity and trading costs won't improve in the corporate bond market...

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